Cara mengatasi masalah quota di cPanel

Bagaimana cara mengatasi masalah quota unlimited user pada cPanel?

Berikut ini adalah salah satu cara mengatasi masalah quota yang terjadi pada cPanel di server / vps, ketika tidak bisa menggunakan command:


Namun langkah-langkah berikut di bawah ini tidak menjamin akan Sukses dan berhasil jika dilakukan pada server/vps anda. Segala resiko dan akibat yang ditimbulkan adalah anda yang tanggung sendiri.

Tutorial di bawah ini hasil pencarian dari Google (sumber) dan kebetulan berhasil Solved masalah quota pada cPanel yang diinstall pada vps KVM kami.

Quota Problem, /scripts/fixquotas no help. [fix]

Well I figured I would post this here as it seems to be a previously un answered problem, and this may help someone at some time.

Recently we faced the common cpanel quotas problem, 0mb used and unlimited quota. No problem, run /scripts/fixquotas right? No. Doing this did nothing to aid our problem. After a bit of snooping around and trial and error here is how we managed to fix it.

Note: Follow my instructions at your OWN risk. If you do this and somehow mess things up I am not to be held responsible. This shouldn’t really harm anything even if it isn’t the solution but still.. be warned.

First run “quotacheck -avugm”, you should receive “quotacheck: Can’t find filesystem to check or filesystem not mounted with quota option.” If not you don’t have the same problem.

Next step is to open fstab, type pico /etc/fstab.
The first line will probably look something like this:
“/dev/VolGroup00/LogVol00 / ext3 defaults 1 1”

What we want to do is change “defaults” to “usrquota”.

Now save (ctrl + X, Y, Enter) and run “mount -o remount /”.

Now run “quotacheck -avugm” once more. This time it should run through quotacheck normally.

After it is done running (and it may very well take quite a long time) you should get:

“Old group file not found. Usage will not be substracted.
quotacheck: Checked xxxx directories and xxxx files”

This is a good thing. Now run run “quotaon /”

Now your space used should be correct, but quotas may still be unlimited.

This isn’t a problem, just run good old /scripts/fixquotas and let it run through. It will probably run quotacheck again but it won’t hurt anything. And when it’s done your quotas should be working as normal.

If this helped, great, but I make no guarantees. Just wanted to share what worked for me.

…Yes, I wrote this myself.

Demikian bisa dicek kembali hasil akhirnya di WHM/cPanel list account.